Corporate philosophy

Marc Aurel stands for the fashion understanding of today’s woman. Clear lines and loving attention to detail always inspired by the latest international trends. Stylish and always exciting. Four aspects are absolute fashion musts: design, quality, fit and workmanship.

Every material, every stitch and every detail reflect our passion for subtle glamour and individual creativity. This is how we feel, think and work: the entire team behind Marc Aurel.

We are inspired by the women for whom we design our collections, tailored to the last detail to cater to their fascinating personalities: their vibrant elegance and their radiant confidence. We do not change them; we simply enhance their unique beauty every day.



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Marc Aurel: Inspiration for modern living.

Modern is whatever is inspired, whatever surprises, and whatever is authentic. Marc Aurel creates exclusive fashion for authentic women. For women who are genuinely modern and who seek what suits them. Our style is subtle and unique, setting the scene for the women who wear it. Trendy, with a zest for life and effortlessly stylish, it reflects the uncompromising individualism which is the mark of the Marc Aurel woman.

And with the same uncompromising passion, 130 employees are set on ensuring that the quality, fit and workmanship always meet the Marc Aurel premium standard: a standard which now enjoys international esteem since the foundation of the company in 1972. Internationality is part of our fashion style, also in business matters.

At Marc Aurel the love of fashion is in high season 365 days of the year. This ensures that we are in tune with the dynamism of a constantly changing world and it is this masterful variation of “the latest fashion” idea that creates the decisive moment at the POS. Customers enjoy this choice of fashion creativity and endorse our position in the “modern women premium” segment with their decision to buy the Marc Aurel brand. We have succeeded in striking a chord with the woman who is brand and quality conscious, discriminating, confident and above all loyal. We assert this position successfully with a nonchalance of our target group who simply loves our design.

After over 40 years Marc Aurel is now one of the most successful medium-sized fashion companies internationally. Our collections translate the lifestyle of discriminating, self-assured women throughout the world. Sporty, sexy, confident and light as a feather.



The History of Marc Aurel

The Marc Aurel success story began in 1972 when Reinhold Richter, proprietor of Marc Aurel Textil GmbH, started to develop and produce ladies trousers. By 1979 a complete ladies collection had been developed. The demands of the market led to the more-seasons concept being launched in 2003, which means 2 main collections per season each with 4 themes. This development was led by the guiding principle of permanently providing new merchandise at the points of sale and it has proved its worth to this very day.

Production has also changed enormously over the past 40 years. From 1972 to 1984 the collections were produced in own workshops and were then successively moved abroad. Today there are production locations in Asia, Poland, Turkey and other Eastern European and Asian countries. The local quality controllers guarantee very high quality and workmanship.

The domestic market of Germany was developed first, followed by the steady and speedy internationalisation of the brand. Austria was followed by Switzerland, the Benelux countries, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Today, Marc Aurel is distributed in almost all European countries. The markets in Canada, the USA, Australia, in the Middle East and Asia are also being developed.