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Women`s trousers for every occasion

No matter if for the office, when relaxing or for an important event: women wear jeans for almost every occasion. They are trendy, versatile and make you look great. Since being patented in 1873, jeans have steadily gained in popularity and have been produced in Europe for women since 1953. But despite their great popularity, they are not the only trousers that are worn with enthusiasm today. Discover more exciting women's trousers and learn more about the different cuts! The MARC AUREL Online Shop provides you with high-quality and exclusive fashion.

You are invited to a party and do not want to wear your everyday pants? How about a pair of chic trousers with a blouse! Summer is coming and you want a comfortable piece of clothes? Casual Bermudas or shorts won't let you down, even when the wind is blowing. No matter what the occasion, in MARC AUREL's online shop you will find the ideal women`s trousers for every day of the year.

Which type of women`s trousers are you?

There is a large selection, but what is hidden behind terms like Capri pants, Bermudas or chinos? Find out more about the individual designs and discover which women`s trousers suit you best!

The classics

Capri pants

Tight-fitting legs with slits at the hem are called Capri pants. They are three quarters of a length, go at least below the knees and, if they fit perfectly, reach no further than the middle of the calves.

Women`s jeans

Jeans are one of the classics among trousers. Originally developed as work trousers, they can now be found in almost every wardrobe. They are suitable for every occasion, everyday life, concerts, or work, and are now also worn on more festive occasions. The variations are numerous and the combination possibilities almost endless.

3/4 and 7/8 trousers

3/4 trousers reach up to just above the knee with an ideal fit. The 7/8-cuts go up to the middle of the calves. Both types are available in different materials and are particularly popular in spring and summer. They are ideal for work and leisure, but you can also combine them elegantly for festivities – depending on the design.

Cargo trousers

Cargo trousers are usually made of cotton and have patch or sewn-in side pockets. Originally, they were designed for military use. Today they are mainly used for leisure and sportive activities or as work clothing.


Trousers called chinos are made of chino twill, a special cotton fabric. They are ideal as light summer trousers and were originally developed as uniform trousers in the middle of the 19th century. Depending on the combination with blouses and other accessories, they are suitable for leisure, work, and festive occasions.

Surprising and trendy

Shorts and Bermudas

The term shorts refers to short trousers that are worn especially in summer. They always end above the knees, but apart from that they have different lengths. The cut and material can also vary: from close-fitting to casual, made of denim or as pleated trousers. The possibilities are endless! The most famous models in this category are still very popular in Bermuda today and have therefore been named after the archipelago.

Suit trousers

The classic business style is as popular as never before! No matter whether office, wedding, or a significant birthday: with suit trousers you are always well dressed.


Whereas they were frowned upon only a short time ago and were worn at most at home, leggings are now considered a trend. Combined with a casual shirt or a chic blouse, they can be worn almost anywhere.

Leisure, business, or elegant event: get dressed in a completely new way!

Are you looking for the ideal women’s trousers for a special occasion? The online shop of MARC AUREL provides you with high-quality legwear of all kinds! Browse through the many different cuts, colours, patterns, and materials and discover your new favourites. Do you need not only casual fashion for every day, but also something for work? Let the looks and theme worlds inspire you! You want to find out which cut suits your body best? Use the practical size chart or contact the friendly customer service of MARC AUREL!